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FeedMe lets you create custom news feeds based on your own keywords, select the sources you like and you will be fead for life.

Create multiple groups and feeds, read the news on your panel or by rss strait into your favourite app.

Now 157 activated news sources in 41 countries

How to use

1. Create a group
2. Add keywords and sources to group
3. Save and wait for feed!

Some features

- Supports any language and keywords
- Multiple search groups
- Private rss feed with support for group level rss
- News translation through google translate
- Groups duplicate news from different sources
- Dynamic request handler to keep news up to date


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Latest news from all users

  • M-kommunalrådets sexskämt i natt med politiker från SD och M

    aftonbladet.se 2019-05-26 13:14 [13:49]
  • Fula trick kan vänta i las-förhandlingar

    Politikerna pressar fack och arbetsgivare att reformera arbetsrätten. ...

    svd.se 2019-05-26 12:10 [13:44]
  • Partiarbetare skjuten till döds i Indien

    En partiarbetare inom det regerande BJP-partiet, som nyligen vann stort i det indiska parlamentsvalet, sköts till döds natten till söndag, enligt...

    svd.se 2019-05-26 10:22 [13:44]